• Maya makes it simple for you to
    #GetPersonal in the lifestyle economy

Maya is the world’s only choice engine with the end-to-end capabilities you need,
to create and deliver digital, personal experiences to each customer of yours.
Centered around their lifestyle and tastes.

What you see

Discover the logic of Maya. The magic comes free.

Taste Studio

Maximise the potential of
your customer and data
assets. Connect each
cardmember’s behaviour to
their tastes.

Engage Studio

Create and deliver digital,
personal experiences for
millions of customers.
Link offline behaviour to
digital engagement.

Conversation TasteBot

Have millions of personal
conversations. Centered
around customer
tastes and lifestyles.

What you don't see'

Maya makes the internet enterprise ready.
So your enterprise can be internet ready.


A map of the world’s tastes.
Plugs into enterprise data.
Enriches it with customer
tastes. At scale. In near
real-time. Anonymously.

Choice AI

Patented AI algorithms
that mimic the way your
customers make choices.
Combines their taste, the
influences on them, their
context and their behaviour.

Lifestyle Marketplace

Add a world of lifestyle
fulfilment and offers.
Yours, ours, others. Give
customers the ability to
book or buy directly.

The Maya Difference

Maya refreshes the customers other analytics and personalisation engines can’t reach.
The difference is taste